Monday, July 27, 2009

So Confused!

Sometimes learning new things can be very taxing! I'm finding this to be especially true with the new information I find myself bombarded with on Twitter. Here are the new terms I've been exposed to:
Second Life

And then there are the terms I already knew, but still have not much idea about how, when, where and why to use them:

I am taking baby steps with all this new information. As you can see, I've begun the blogging process. I am a part of a couple of nings, and I really like the networking and collaborating I get from that. But as for the rest, I feel like I just need someone to tell me which are the best tools to use.

I also need guidance on time management for all of this. On Twitter, many of the people I follow seem to be on the computer all the time! I am sure this is just my perception, but the conversations I see that took place while I slept leave me feeling jealous that 1) I missed out and 2) that I have to sleep! And aside from sleeping, I have to do all the other daily routines that being a wife, mother, pet owner, teacher, friend, daughter, etc. come with. I don't want to log hours on the computer!

So, someone (or lots of someones!) out there on the net, please share your computer-time management skills. And please help me sort out how to prioritize these new-to-me-tools.


  1. Leeann, you are really finding your blogging voice! :) As far as time goes...I do think I spend too much time online. (I "justify" it to myself by saying I'm learning a lot!) Also, I don't have children, and my husband is pretty self-sufficient. That being said, I'm still making an effort to cut back. As far as all the tools...check out what folks say on Twitter, and pick something to try. Just 1 thing. Then as you get comfortable, try something else. :) Keep up the great blogging!

  2. Bill Gates has the same problem, so he quit Facebook, a quote from Bill Gates:
    "All these tools of tech waste our time if we're not careful."

  3. Leeann:

    My best suggestion is to find the things that work for you and use them to their best (then ignore the rest!!) I'm part of the committee that designed this list: and I only use a few full-time. Each one has a pretty specific purpose and use (we're trying to develop some examples to help get people started). I think it's good to be familiar, but as you said, you do have to live! You'll either find it as you need it or it's a waste of your time. Hope this helps--keep the questions coming b/c I'm continuing on the committee and we love knowing what people want to learn about!

    Laura :-)

  4. I agree with the above comments. Choose what works for you...and then adopt one or two as time allows.

    Last year, I (and my students)began blogging and using wikis in class. This year? Still deciding what ones work best for me. Got to decide pretty will be starting!

  5. I'm late to this conversation, but wanted to let you know that I too get overwhelmed by all of the possibilities and the time management. When I hear about something new, but my plate's already full, I know that I need to just focus on what I'm already doing. For example, in the list you posted, I've explored and/or am using Skype, Delicious, Diigo, Ning, podcasting, and blogging. I know about Moodle, Second Life, wikis and was even tempted yesterday to make a video with Animoto. But I have other priorities right now and so those will have to wait. When the time or situation calls for a new tool, I will then take the time to explore. Also, if I'm feeling overwhelmed in my life in general, I limit myself to checking Twitter once or twice a day or give myself a break from it all together. I do sometimes feel like I'm missing out, but I know I need to keep a balance. And when the computer starts to take over, my husband and my pets do a good job of reminding me to refocus my attention and my energy.