Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Looking Forward to Summer Even as I Learn!

I have been attending a series of workshops on digital storytelling. I always enjoy learning new things and I am already thinking about how to bring these new skills back to my staff. In our final day today, I created a digital story that is modeled after a lesson being taught in one of the fifth grade classrooms. The classroom teacher is having her students write about their favorite Michigan memory. To give them a focus, they used the book This Is the Tree as their mentor text.

I decided to write my own and create a digital story to share with the students. This way, I could model that the adults in the building are writers and I could begin to plant the seeds of using digital storytelling. I ran into one major issue. My daughters narrated the story for me and I used audacity to record their narration. When I added the narration in PhotoStory3, it automatically faded out the narration in each picture. Because the girls aren't here with me, I went ahead and rendered the project, but my plan is to go back and re-record the girls right in the PhotoStory program. Maybe at that point I'll repost. But I think you can get a good idea anyway. Here it is:

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