Monday, March 8, 2010

Reading Sparks

Back in December we ran our first SPARKS classes of the year. They were a hit and we wanted to offer these exploratory opportunities to our students again. Sometime last year, one of our language arts teachers suggested that we do a SPARKS that might be more academic in nature, offering sessions that would all somehow involve reading. With that idea and with March is Reading Month close at hand, the language arts staff decided to run with a second SPARKS session of the year.

We are holding out Reading SPARKS on each Friday of the month of March from 2 to 3pm. The offerings are quite diverse. Students could choose to read about hunting and game management, to create their own teen 'zines, to learn how to create and keep their own blog, to research and plan their dream vacation, to study their family history and create their own heralds, and so many more. The three most popular offerings among students were learning about and hatching out baby chicks, reading and solving a spooky mystery story, and reading about the creepy crawly bugs that live on our bodies and that people around the world actually eat. And we had a huge number of students who just wanted the opportunity to get comfy with a good book!

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