Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Student Led Conferences

Our middle school is looking forward to our 14th annual student led conferences tonight and tomorrow night. We love our student led conferences. And I am so envious of the parents who get to hear their children talk about their learning.

My daughters attend a different district than where I work, and I will be missing my own 6th grader's conferences because I have to be here at work. But I am not even really sorry. Her conferences are conducted with all teachers in the cafeteria and parents have to wait and wait and wait to see each teacher. How I long for them to hold conferences where my child takes ownership in the ability to tell me how she is progressing in her learning.

The staff of our middle school, grades 5 through 8, all take time in the days before conferences to help the students put their binders together. The students practice in their classes what they will say to their parents. They take it all very seriously.

Having the grade 6 intervention class this year, I was so excited to once again watch students prepare for sharing their classwork. We took time this morning to practice what they wanted to share from the intervention class. And some of them decided they wanted to share with the world as well. Below are videos from three students who wanted to practice for conferences and reflect on one piece of learning from our class. It would be awesome for them to see the reach of technology. Please leave them a comment with some feedback!


  1. Hi Nick

    Thank you for sharing your learning reflection. Mrs. Moore and I are learners too. We are thinking about how we can use student evidence of learning to improve our teaching. After watching you explain where you are in your learning, I was wondering, how will you know when you are successful in identifying the genre of a piece of literature?

    Best wishes in your learning journey.
    Kim Young - Michigan Dept of Education

  2. Hi Megan

    I enjoyed watching you explain your learning. Mrs. Moore and I are on a learning journey too. As I listened to you explain how far you have come in learning about fluency, I am wondering, what strategies might you use to improve your fluency?
    Best wishes and keep learning,

    Kim Young - Michigan Dept of Education

  3. Hi Bridget

    It was interesting to listen to you think aloud about your learning. Thank you for sharing! If you were to record a new reflection in the near future, what would you want to hear yourself say?

    Best wishes - Keep learning!

    Kim Young - Michigan Dept of Education