Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Booksource...a Great Resource!

The focus of this post could be a couple of different topics. It could be about what a valuable professional tool twitter can be. It could be about reading comprehension. It could be about anchor charts. But what it will mainly be is a "Thank You" note.

I discovered Booksource through twitter. Through their twitter account, I have received a free messenger bag stuffed with goodies. I have received a bag decorated with two Jan Brett Christmas picture books, also full of free books. I have also received a backpack with goodies like book marks and sticky notes. Booksource also has a fantastic Classroom Organizer site. The site allows you to scan in your books, or enter the ISBNs by hand, and create an online data base of your books. You then have access to a checkout system and an organizing system. I admit that I am still in the process of getting my books all entered, but I am excited to see how it is going to work for me.

Because I was one of the first people signed up to use the organizer, I was asked to fill out a survey. My survey entry was placed in a drawing and I was the winner of the drawing! Now, believe me, I was very excited about all the previous prizes. But this prize was AMAZING! I had the opportunity to choose 50 books for my classroom library!

Booksource has done a great job of putting together sets of books aligned to the new Common Core State Standards. Because I am a Literacy Coach and Interventionist in my middle school, I choose to to receive 5 sets of 10 books for 6th grade science. My students have been using them to practice their reading strategies of making connections and asking questions. I think you can tell from the pictures that they love the books!
Learning all about the Hidden Worlds under a microscope lens!

Reading about Phineas Gage, who survived a metal rod through his skull!
Maybe these three will help solve the Climate Crisis one day!

Who knew you could get lost in Hidden Worlds?
Look at that smile. She must not be at the gross parts yet!

Using sticky notes to keep track of our thinking.
Oh, Rats! This is my favorite book in the bunch, even though I am terrified of rodents.

These girls are reading all about female inventors. I wonder what they might invent one day?
A post for the Slice of Life 2012 challenge!


  1. I'm a huge Booksource fan after finding them on Twitter, too!

  2. Would it make you jealous to tell you I've been to Booksource? I don't know if you can go there anymore, but one time they let me and another teacher go through the stacks in their warehouse to select books for our school. I totally love Booksource.

  3. Can't wait to check it out!!! Thanks.

  4. What a wonderful honor. Congrats on getting great books. Your students look excted.