Saturday, March 3, 2012

Getting Old!

I am NOT old. I won't tell you my age, but I have two teenage daughters, been married almost 20 years, and I was no child bride. But I don't feel old. Some days, I still feel like I am just a kid playing house. But things have been happening lately that bring my age crashing in. Like the fact that I can no longer wear contacts. Or the fact that it takes half the time to gain 10 pounds and three times the time to lose it.

But worst of all by far is the fact that my scalp has become very sensitive. To the point that I can no longer color my hair. Unfortunately, I seem to have inherited my father's genetic trait of going grey early. Sometimes I feel like the tinsel of our last Christmas tree ended up on my head.

But I can put it out of my mind. For a while. Until some precocious middle school darling reminds me. Like Faith did yesterday....

I work with three girls two times per week to help their spelling skills. But sometimes I am late getting to my room for them if I am out meeting with teachers. Usually they are good about just waiting for me. But apparently yesterday they felt they had waited long enough and they went out looking for me. When I found them headed back to the room, they had the principal with them. We had a laugh about teaching them the college rule of waiting 10 minutes and then Mrs. C. kept me in the hall while the girls went in the room.

She had to tell me about the conversation the girls were having as they looked for me, making predictions about where I might be. And Faith said, "Maybe she's somewhere coloring her grey hair!"

Anyone know of a hair color that is good for a very sensitive scalp? :-)

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  1. Lol. Debbie and I got a kick out of this. Oh, the things they'll say...

  2. Very funny post! It made me laugh out loud. I wish my hair would go gray all at once. It's the picking them out one by one that makes me crazy. I don't color my hair anymore. I once told a student who was staring at my head, I think he was counting, that several of the white ones had his name on them. :)

  3. I like that you can write about it with humor. Sorry, I don't have a solution for the coloring question.

  4. Oh, LeeAnn! Know that you are in good company in your need/desire to colour your hair. I wish I had an answer for you, but I'll bet there IS something out there. Do you go to the salon or use the home treatments? I'm just wondering if it's a brand thing. As for the kids?Gosh! it's like my mother always told me - you'll be my age some day honey!

  5. I've just stopped coloring my hair because it's sooooo expensive. So I see those grays comin', but what I notice is that it's getting thinner! This whole getting older thing is not fun. I agree, I feel like I'm just out of high school, o.k. maybe college. Hee Hee.

  6. Ha ha ha, funny! Teens always have opinions, don't they? I'm not a fan of my gray hair either. :)