Friday, March 9, 2012

Learning and more learning!

A bunch of my colleagues and I will be spending the weekend together for the Michigan Reading Conference. We come every year and we have the BEST time. Today there were three of us at the preconference. We learned a lot, but I think more importantly, we laughed at lot. Like when our key cards wouldn't let us out of the parking garage. Or back in.

Tomorrow seven more colleagues will join us. It will be so refreshing to be learners together and to maybe remember again what our students must sometimes feel like...lost, insignificant, but hopefully...surrounded by friends.
Slice number 9!


  1. Have a great time! At a conference with friends, what could make this better? I can't think of anything. Be sure to share your new learning!

  2. Hey!! My son and I are presenting on Sat. at 2:30!! How to Break Common Childhood Myths....maybe we'll see you there:))

  3. Oh, I'm sorry I'll miss it, Diane. :( My girls are coming for the Young Author's Luncheon and after I am taking them to see Barry Lane and maybe the exhibit hall.

  4. It is the best to go to conferences with colleagues. Some of the best times are the opportunites to hang out and talk!