Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Revisiting the Read Aloud

Last year I borrowed a 6th grade teacher's classroom. Up until this year and lots of cuts, our 6th grade teachers ran their reading classes splitting the students by gender. I borrowed a class of girls and read them my newly acquired ARC of Nerd Girls by Alan Sitomer. To say they loved the story is an understatement. You can read all about our experience if you like. :)

This year, those 6th graders are now 7th graders and they have been asking me since school started when Nerd Girls 2 was coming out. I had to remind them that the first Nerd Girls was an ARC and that book had just recently hit the shelves. But how could I listen to their begging day after day and not do something about it?

So, knowing that the ARC of Nerd Girls 2 was out, I took to twitter to beg Alan on behalf of the girls to send us the new one. He had read our blog post and knew what big fans of his the girls are and he graciously obliged. (I wasn't supposed to tell you that because he doesn't have enough to give out too many. But really, he sent it for the girls, so I think it is ok to tell you!)

I met with the 7th grader language arts teacher to see if we could work something into the schedule so that I could read the next book to the same girls. She was happy to work with me, and it works out great since March is Reading Month! So, today I start the second book with the same awesome group of "nerd girls." Between them and me, I am not sure who is more excited.


  1. That is exciting! What a wonderful gift you and the author are able to give to that group of girls.

  2. How lucky you were to be able to get the copy of book 2. That is one cool author to grant your request. It sounds like a fun time for you and the girls.