Saturday, March 10, 2012

Sound Bites

It is late and I am tired. I am getting this blog post in under the wire. It was a long and fun day of learning, topped off by dinner for 12 at The Bull's Head Tavern. So rather than give you a huge play by play, how about a few sound bites before I fall asleep. I am attributing these quotes to the people who said them, but I may not be quoting verbatim. :)

~Writing is not fun. Having written in. (Leonard Pitts in his speech today, but I know he didn't say it originally.)

~We sit in the shade of trees planted by

~I have always believed that it is less important what children read, than that they read. -Leonard Pitts

~Please refuse to be blinded by your own stereotypes. Please refuse to allow your students to be blinded by them too. -Leonard Pitts

~The issue is not that we don't have the facts. It's that we don't seem to want them. It is dangerous to be stupid and a giant. -Leonard Pitts

There was so much more, but please, feel free to leave comments while I drag my tired body off to bed. :)


  1. I like these quotes. Sounds like a good conference.

  2. I love this one: It is dangerous to be stupid and a giant. Wow. You must have a brain-full of ideas right now.

  3. This quote: "It is dangerous to be stupid and a giant." I like that, for the way it is blunt and insightful. You could use that on the political world stage ...

  4. Geez, I guess I was instead of is, and I completely forgot to go back to the quote I started and never finished! It was a good one too!

  5. hope you enjoyed your time at the conference...we enjoyed presenting! It was my first time at the Amway...pretty amazing isn't it??