Thursday, March 1, 2012

Spirometer Update....I wish!

I thought today I might do a quick running record to see how Holly's fluency is progressing. In case you need a reminder or haven't read my last post, she is my 6th grader for whom I bought a spirometer. I am hoping that strengthening her breathing will help her oral reading fluency.

While her ORF has increased a bit, I was disappointed it wasn't more. But then I pulled out my calendar and realized that since she got it on February 8, we have had eleven days of school!! We have had at least one snow day a week for over a month...our 8th snow day occurring just yesterday.

These snow days are wreaking havoc on my program. Days we are in school, I am trying to finish up things we started what seems weeks ago. This is the second warmest winter on record, according to our local meteorologist. I hope the summer isn't the hottest on record because I think we will still be in school in July making these days up.

So, I'm giving the spirometer more time. I have seen some changes...Holly speaks with more volume. And I don't know if it is the increased attention but her confidence is through the roof. She's becoming very extroverted and it is so much fun to see the changes!


  1. Thanks for a glimpse into your daily grind. I'm glad you're writing with us this March.
    PS -- Your blog is adorable!