Wednesday, March 7, 2012


Today's slice is a little glimpse into the mom-side of my life. Normally I would post this to my family/personal blog (Tales from the Compound), but I didn't want to muddy the slice waters with posts on two different blogs.

Last night 14 acts, 28 middle school students, performed in my daughter's middle school's talent show. I am always so impressed at how fearless middle schoolers can be, how full of life and energy they are. I just love them to pieces!

So here's a video of Lili's act: a dance that she choreographed performed by Lil and two of her friends. I asked her why shy won't just dance by herself. Her answer was that she likes to choreograph dances with more than one part. Love that kid. And in the video, you can hear her big sister cheering for her and gushing about how cute she is and how well her sister can dance. Love that kid too! Enjoy!


  1. They are so cute. Very cool! She's a great choreographer.

  2. I found you Lee Ann! I taught middle schoolers for years. You are so right; they're wonderfully energetic, creative & willing to do anything. This is great & I imagine you are so proud of her. Maybe she'll continue with that love of choreography? Thanks for sharing.

  3. Kids are amazing! She is certainly braver than I would have been at that age. You have a right to be a proud mom.