Thursday, November 8, 2012

Productivity Apps

As promised yesterday, the second folder of apps I will share is my Productivity apps. I do have some apps in here that I don't use very frequently. If you use them more than I do, please feel free to share ideas in the comments.

Dropbox is the one app I use on an almost daily basis. This is an app that allows you to store documents in the cloud. You can install dropbox on all your devices and have access to all your files wherever you are. You can also use dropbox on the web if you are on a device that is not your own. Dropbox also allows sharing of folders. This has been very handy for my teachers when I have to share files with them.

I know that I don't utilize Evernote to its full capacity. It is a great app for saving documents, pictures, etc. I have created a folder in Evernote for each of my students and I take pictures of their work to upload to their folders in Evernote. If you are interested in this app, you should really take the time to watch the bunches of YouTube videos that people have posted about how to use it to its full potential.

Qrafter is QR code reader and creator. I don't do much with QR codes, but it's important for me to have a code reader on my iPad since I downgraded my phone from an Android smart phone to a regular old dumb phone. And there are SO MANY ideas out there for using QR codes in the classroom. If you have good access to technology and wifi at your school, you should definitely look in to using QR codes.

So Reminders comes standard on the iPad. I don't really use it, though I've tried. I can never seem to get the reminders to actually notify and remind me of anything. I would love some ideas about how to make this app work better.

easyTimer is a timer and stopwatch app. This comes in handy to stick under the document camera when you give students a time limit for activities. You tap it to make it start and stop and it isn't always receptive to your tap. It probably isn't the best timer app, but it's free. If you know of a better one, please share in the comments.

Everyone needs a calculator at some point. This one, called calculator+ works well for me. It has some of the scientific buttons which I never use, but I figure one day one of my daughters might need it.

Daqri is another QR code reader. I haven't used it in a while. I just opened it up to so that I could explain it better and now I can't even figure out how to make it scan the codes! I think I will be deleting this app!

Smart Office 2 and CloudOn are both apps that let you create Microsoft Office documents. You can also access documents you have saved in Dropbox and edit them. I was lucky enough to pick up Smart Office 2 when it was offered for free, but it now costs $9.99. CloudOn is free and has good ratings, so I'd recommend starting with that one if you are in the market for a document app.

Simple Goals is just a fun little app that allows you to set any kind of goals you wish and then monitor them. It isn't a magic bullet that will make you actually achieve your goals. Unfortunately, you still have to do the hard work. Maybe that's why I don't use this app very often. :)

Find iPhone is an app you may have seen demonstrated on ABC World News. When you lose your iPhone or iPad, you can log in to the Find iPhone app from a friend's device and put your device into lost mode. This will help you locate your device as well as keep anyone who finds it from accessing your personal information.

DocAS Lite is an app that allows you to open documents like pdf files and annotate them. I downloaded this app because I read many pdf documents. Because I like to highlight and annotate what I read for work, I was finding that I was printing off a lot of documents. This app will allow me to read and annotate on the iPad. In looking it over today, it looks like after a couple of trial uses, I'll have to pay for the app. But if it works well, I won't mind doing that.

The last two apps in my Productivity  folder are notes apps. The second is the native notes app, which I use a lot. The first one is called Notes from Paperport. I downloaded this one because I wanted the option of using my finger to take notes. Then I found it to be very hard to do so I have ordered a stylus and I'm hoping that will make this Notes app a bit easier to use.

There you have it; that's my Productivity folder. Once again, feel free to share in the comments any great apps I am missing!

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